Friday, June 20, 2008

LONDON :: music video set photos: JMC feat. Cassidy and Styles P

Photos from a few music videos we shot in London last week. They were for a British hip hop artist, JMC, and the songs featured American artists Cassidy and Styles P (D Block). We shot the first half of the videos in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Yonkers, New York City, and then flew to London for a week to shoot in downtown London and Hackney.

We had a blast learning our way around a new city together, and as always, love working with Luke Biggins, and producer Yasha Malekzad. I seriously fell in love with London... we're back in Brooklyn now, but definitely missing our British friends. I'm still traveling for shoots pretty much constantly, but hoping to have a week or two at home in NY this July. Will be nice to wake up in the same bed for awhile :)

Director: Luke Biggins

Director of Photography: Matt Workman