Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Tearsheets/New Issue/Upcoming events+photos

There's lots of stuff going on right now, between the magazine, shoots in NYC and Boston, traveling to DC to meet my new baby cousin, parties, living, trying to do dishes, pay my $1000 medical bill, etc. Here's a couple updates:

***1) Here are some new tearsheets from a portrait and a couple other photos I shot for Footwear Plus magazine. It was a really fun shoot, and I got to know a cool store owner, Tarek Hassan (who owns the Tannery) in Cambridge. He was really nice and wore very shiny shoes. The Footwear Plus staff was super nice, and am glad I got to work with them.

***2) The new [February 2008] issue of Boston Magazine was released today! Check out the cover, it's my favorite one since I started here. It was designed by my boss, Bob Parsons and the photo was shot by White/Packert. I love it!! I also want her luggage, but that's another story... then check out the contributors page, cuz it features a little thingie about me! And it mentions my favorite person in the world -- my Mom!!! (check out her awesome websites at www.hullmagazine.com and www.movetohull.com ... yeah we've got Hull pride...) It's kind of a random little write up, but it's a true story.

***3) I'm shooting DIPLO on February 23rd in Boston. He's phenomenal and it's gunna be an amazing show, presenting by Basstown, and being held at Great Scott. Tickets are $15 and you can buy them here:

***4) Sneak peak... I've got some awesome new photos coming your way soon! First will be pics from Thunderdome X with Cobra Kai (above, Mistaker, who runs Thunderdome), and thennnnn I've got a super special surprise of photos coming after TDX photos are out.

I've got lots of fun things coming up, so get excited! New photos, new shoots, new events, blah blah blah. And more than all of my photo/design/work/etc, I'm even more excited to leave the magazine for a few days, run to DC, and hang out with my new baby cousin before they head back to Egypt.

"I had too much to dream last night." ...Erol Alkan

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james said...

I don't know who Erol Alkan is, but I do know the Electric Prunes recorded "I had too much to dream last night" in 1967.

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