Friday, February 22, 2008

Random photos from my "Off-duty" Camera :: Boston, NYC

I can't carry around my giant 5D and all my lenses everywhere I go, so here are some snappies from the last week or two.

-- playing with my light kit, but no one around to model for me :( --

-- believe it or not, my first time ever getting sushi! --

-- khara, stealing my sushi virginity --

-- bryonny's birthday!! happy birthday to a girl who defines beauty+brains --

-- my travel buddies, adine, jason, and joyce. a.k.a. the loudest four people to EVER board a chinatown bus --

-- me and LA Riots --

-- me and Nicky Digital a.k.a. Nicky Digowitz --

-- Matttttttie --

-- On set at the music video. More photos to come when I get a chance to edit them --

-- broooooooklyn --

-- brooklyn againnnn --

-- a sign from the heavens that khara and i are meant to be... --

-- the view from mattie's roof --

-- the J train that passes by matt's windows in his apartment... every 5 or 10 minutes... and all night too... --

-- waiting on the fung wah, in the rain, during rush hour, trying to get back to boston in time to do laundry, go to sleep, and start the next week of work... story of my life... --

-- my buddy jon! shhhh :-* --

-- julian and lauren... as a person with a fear of puppets, this was dangerously close for me... --

-- me and lauren!!!! i worked with her at boston magazine for the first 6 months here, and i'm secretly in love with her. except i guess it isn't SO secret... hmm, awkward... --

- halley jaye! love this girl. she's taught me many things in life, including how to "point to the gym" --

-- me and my bud mike mckay, who's moving to london next week! i feel like so many of my friends are moving these days... but going on to awesome futures around the world :) --

- me and michael potvin, he's so cute! --

-- carrie ann, iiiiii adore her --

-- my girl dellea, who is moving to san fran next week! like i said, everyone's moving... again, moving on to an awesome future. but i'm seriously gunna miss them... --

-- dellea and khara, teaching me how to eat shabu shabu --

-- more shabu shabu (they even gave us separate broths, since i'm vegeterian! --

-- my new obsession. i realize that everyone already knew about pinkberry and yoberry, but this is brand new to me. i want one now! --

-- khara and dellea and i froze our tushies waiting in the middle of the street in allston, trying to find the lunal eclipse. we found it! --

-- gunna miss you babygirl --

-- i got a surprise package at my apartment!!!! yummmmmy --

-- oof! the love :) getting a big hug from jon tang and khara bear (photo by david day for --

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