Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shebop // Playboy bunnies // Justice // Hearthrob // Home

some random photos from thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday...

>> sully and sandy (shebop)

>> sandy (www.shagboston.com)

>> shebop

>> shebop. this girl is beautiful

>> heather smith and me and jayde nicole (playboy playmates)

>> me and athena lundberg (playboy playmate)

>> me and brian and dj influence

>> playboy playmates

>> dj yo-c

>> playboy playmates in the dj booth

>> justice came to boston on their "myspace" tour...

>> i'm not at liberty to explain what this means. get your wonder womans ready, girls...

>> my crew!

>> <3 you guys

>> my friends, always wearing fancy shoes to places where they will inevitably get alcohol spilled on them...

>> i know, i know, according to chris, i'm so jewish that i look like i've just "walked out of a deli in brookline"... the cross is for Justice, i haven't converted ;)

>> feeling a little justice

>> my boys getting sweaty

>> lawwwwwwren

>> yay! i spotted a creep street shirt at hearthrob. www.madcreepy.com

ahh, home, after way too long in the city

>> home by the water

>> mah feet


yoon said...

wait. you got to hang with tasha, and sandy, and playmates???

i want your life.

pitchertaker said...

So what issue of Playboy have you signed for being Playmate?

huh, Huh, HUH?