Monday, August 4, 2008

Photos from The Scenic "The American Way" Rochester, NY, July 27-28

Here are some photos from the music video Matt DP'd in Rochester, NY last week. It was for the Scenic, a band from Philly, for their song "the American Way." Directed by Jonathan Zames, for the production company Film Orange, and produced by Barry Sonders. The video is about a huge pillowfight that breaks out in the city. Kinda reminiscent of a zombie movie, but instead of zombies, it was feathers. It was really an incredible shoot - there were so many people involved, from actors/extras, tons of great crew, an amazing art director, Corey Ryan, who made all the feathers fly, even as far as using a feather gun. The entire shoot was outdoors, and even though it started pouring rain and thundering on the second day, they still made it work. Can't wait to see the video when it's out. <3


madi said...

NICE pics I like the pillow fight ones!

Lonely Paul said...