Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Good Times, Bad Photos

Every now and then, when I'm a little stressed out and overworked, I go on a photo strike. Lately I've been trying hard to balance working fulltime, freelancing on the side, having a social life, staying in contact with family, keeping up our apartment, going to the gym, getting in a shower here and there, etc.

So, the last two nights have been really fun, but because I've been rather oversaturated in photography work, I was on a two day photography strike, besides work assignments - therefore no photos in this blog, just words.

Monday night was the release party for the October 2007 issue of Boston Magazine. It was really fun! The party was at Cambridge 1 in Fenway, and I brought a friend from college, who has really successfully entered adult life - great job, awesome apartment, and a good head on his shoulders. We learned that cosmos and dirty martinis are strong, strong drinks ;) Tuesday night was crazy, it was the Best of Boston Dining party in Quincy. I had a hot date - my Mom! It was in this giant gorgeous house/hall that looked out on the Boston skyline, and was catered by all the restaurants that won Best of Boston this summer. We basically got to walk around to every booth and try all the best food in Boston. As a vegetarian, I stuck mostly with the Middle Eastern and Mexican tables ;)

It was really nice to have my Mom get to know the Boston Magazine staffers that have become such a big (and wonderful) part of my life.

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