Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hillary Rodham Clinton at Symphony Hall

Two nights ago, John and I went to see Hillary Clinton speak at Symphony Hall. This week is ship week, so I've been working 9am to about 10pm or later every day, but nothing was going to stop me from seeing her speak. Because Symphony Hall is right across the street from my office, we watched the line outside the hall grow from a couple people, to a few thousand people. I snuck out of work, watched the event, and then headed right back to the office a few minutes before it ended.

Johnny was wonderful enough to stay in line for both of us, so that I could continue designing at work. We eventually got in, and in a hall filled with about 3,000 people, we got the fourth to last row, hence the underwhelming pics ;) If you want to see some up close photos of Hills, check out Yoon's blog ( ).

She was amazing to watch live. I had seen her speak once before, at the March for Women's Lives in DC my sophomore year of college, and both times she left me feeling very positive about change to come for our country. My three highlights of the evening: 1) Her promise to rebuild our international connections, and let the world know that the era of "cowboy diplomacy" is over. 2) Her promise to push stem cell research and 3) A speaker began introducing someone from "The Great City of ::everyone at symphony hall is excited:: Taunton! ::at which time, all 3,000 Bostonians fell into awkward silence, asking each other "did he just say Taunton?". It was by far the most densely populated moment of awkwardness I've ever been a part of.

All in all, I'm psyched that John and I got to see her speak, and while I'm not 100% how I feel about the upcoming election, I'm happy to be of voting age in this exciting time.

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