Monday, October 15, 2007

Johnny Cupcakes - There's Something in the Cupcake Mix Vol 2

Saturday night was the "There's Something in the Cupcake Mix Vol 2" event at Johnny Cupcakes. Here are photos from the event. Johnny, who is also from Hull, has a wildly huge following, and there were people waiting at the door of the store for 24 hours before the event started (they slept in sleeping bags in the cold, just so they could be the first ones in the store!).

It was such a fun event to shoot - Johnny's fans are endlessly devoted and cute. Lots of people were dressed up for Halloween, including Johnny and all the store's employees. I got to meet his photographer, Dave Green (, who is fantastic (and has a following of fans as well!).

Also, while it isn't 100% complete, I'd like you to check out my new "event" photography website. I started it because whenever I shoot events, people are always asking me where they can see the photos. So, I made a website especially for that purpose. It's new, so let me know any feedback:

(a HUGE thank you to my Mom, Cindy Bittker, for putting up the site so quickly and wonderfully. Check her out -- )

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