Monday, October 8, 2007

Welcome to the big city, Linus :)

I'm in the middle of ship week for the magazine, which basically means we need to finish designing, editing, and producing the November issue by Friday. It's a very time-intensive week (I just finished a 13 hour day, and forgot to stop for lunch or dinner), so I probably won't get around to doing any fun shoots in the next few days.

I do, however, have one exciting thing going on. While my Mom is in NYC for the 50th Anniversary Educational Symposium for Parkinson's Disease (, I'll be taking care of our dog, Linus! So, before she leaves for New York tomorrow, my Mom dropped Linus off at my office (because at 9:30pm, I was at the office and not home, thus is my life...). He very much liked my managing editor, and licked her for a good two minutes straight. However, he growled at my art director, which wasn't very nice of him. He seemed to like my editor-in-chief, and I think he enjoyed his time at the Boston Mag office.

He already fits right into our neighborhood. My roommate and I got thai food at around 10:30pm tonight, and the lady who we picked it up from loved Linus so much that she made me promise to come back to the restaurant sometime this week, because she wanted to give him a traditional Thai dog sweater to wear. Have I mentioned that I love my neighborhood?

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